Tools of the Trade

The 5th Age campaign uses the following tools

Fantasy Grounds
Fantasy Grounds as our gaming table ( Tips)
Manages our online game sessions when/if we have one. The server is on 24/7, and combat maps are tracked there.

Discord as our off-session game chat ( Tips)
Avrae, an excellent Discord D&D Bot ( Tips)
We use Avrae D&D Bot regular and custom commands, which handles ongoing powers, spell usage, coins and bags content, as well as combat and dice rolls during the week.

DnD Beyond
DnD Beyond is your character’s sheet repository (Tips)
Character sheet, managing leveling up and equipment worn, except for bags, ammos and coins.

Obsidian Portal
( Tips)
Background stories and adventures journal (make sure you are signed in). Can keep track of player’s notes.

Tools of the Trade

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