Crossings awareness (any sentient being)

This ability is shared by every single sentient creature. Every creature native from a specific plane always sense automatically if a crossing to their plane is within 10 miles of their location. In some cases, intense rituals can change the plane of origin of a creature, provided they freely take that choice. This change can never be coerced.

So a Fey in the prime material plane will sense any crossing to the feywild within 10 miles radius, while a creature native from the prime material plane will sense a crossing to the Prime from the Shadowfell for example, within 10 miles too.

Devil’s Sight (Warlock)
The power only provides its range in total darkness.

Divine sense
When used, it can instead be focused on one sense, good or evil. If that optionis chosen, any creature with a moderate or strong alignment aura from that alignment will register from this sense. The affected creature will immediately feel the probe, and know its origin.

Dual Mind (Kalashtar)
A reaction for advantage on a Wisdom save roll must be done before the roll.
Note that per combat home rules, reaction can only occur between the end of your turn, and the start of your next turn

Fey (races)
Feys are creatures whose home plane is the Feywild. Like demons, they are especially susceptible to cold iron. In game terms, they have vulnerability to slashing and piercing from most steel/iron weapons from the prime material plane.
In the 5th Age campaign, the fey races available to players are eladrins, changelings, shifters, kalashtars, firbolgs, centaurs and simics.

Mind Link (Kalashtar)
Kalashtars gain one level of exhaustion every time they use this power’s bonus action.

Wild Shape (Druid)
The power let the druid “assume the shape of a beast that you have seen before”.
A druid is assumed to have seen all the common domesticated beasts, farm animals and common pets animals from his geographical area during his earlier training, and can record sightings of new beasts during his or her adventures and travels.

In this campaign, “have seen” is not just glanced at or barely seen, but an interaction similar to magic items attunment, spending one hour with the beast using spells like Speak with animals and animal’s friendship, and shared communication. This only works for creatures that have the beast type (i.e. no illusions, shape changers, familiars, conjured creatures that are not beasts)

The druid can have met up to three beasts that can be found in the geographical area but are either wild or uncommon at druid level 1, plus one per druid level if the character is introduced later than level one. All new beasts’ attunment after will be part of the storyline for the campaign.

When assuming a new shape, the druid always make a roll for the shape’s hit points instead of using the average.

Also updated the last sentence “Equipment that merges with the form has no effect until you leave the form, but the encumbrance penalty carries on with the wild shape.”


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