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5th Age Campaign

Defenders of Khelb
A 5th Age campaign focused on the Forgotten Realms.

Brotherhood of the Moon
A 5th Age campaign based in the Feywild.

A 5th Age “West marches” style campaign focused on the demi-plane of Barovia, home of Lord Strahd.

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5th Age Dungeon Masters are world-builders, and the stories weaved are the stories of the worlds the campaigns take place in, letting each character decide how they will be heroes and affect the worlds around them, while overarching events triggered by the reforging of the Tablets of Fate affect all worlds and planes in similar ways. The general cosmology and relation between the planes is tied to the latest events in the Forgotten Realms, and the universe changing events that occurred since the spell plague, even if other worlds use different names for the same gods or manifestations of magic.

The world around the characters is living and breathing, and they have entire freedom to chose which paths they take. There is no hand-guiding toward a specific boss, or a specific adventure. The NPCs are not just standing there to be slaughtered, and will react according to their smarts and resources. Situations will evolve and change. Grudges will be held, love and friendships can be found in the most unexpected places, and powerful magic items are rare, and usually already claimed. Progress is slow, details matter, leveling up is never instantaneous and requires class training, and traveling through the realms is more often than not dangerous.

While we use the modern rules of D&D 5E, these home rules expand on the grey areas left by RAW (Rules As Written). They are designed to make the world feel more medieval fantastic, than cartoonish or high fantasy. The campaign home rules provide more detailed support for downtime activities for each character to build their own legend, while staying as close as possible from 5E RAW.

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