How we play

We play mostly through Discord and touch base with voice once per week on Wednesdays and play online then for up two hours, according to the action in-game, using fantasy Grounds.

If you do not have the bandwidth with your Real Life activities to check Discord and chime-in via text about your character’s actions there for 5 to 10mn every day at the minimum (connecting more often is always encouraged as it helps move the story even faster), and to play every week for 2 hours online, this campaign is not for you.

Discord play

In Discord, each player has a private channel with the DM and access to a party-talks channel for in-characters exchanges, and most of the bookkeeping is done through the Avrae bot command.

We actively move the story and combats along off-sessions via Discord during each day of the week, using text exchanges in Discord. If 3 out of 5 players agree on a course of action, this action is done and its consequences spelled out in party talks.

I require each of my players to connect on Discord and chime-in at the minimum of once per day to participate and influence the current conversations and actions going on.

During a combat, each player will receive a notification when their turn is on, and are expected to detail their combat action for their round. Please keep your Discord notifications on.

Online play

As we are geographically scattered, our weekly game sessions are run with voice only, using Fantasy Grounds, on Wednesdays, for weekly game sessions that are usually no longer than 2 hours sometime between 5pm EST and 10pm EST.
We only play if we have at least 3 players available for the online game time slot.

Vacations and time-off

If a player is absent for two of our Wednesdays’ online sessions in a row and/or does not log in to chime on Discord every day, we will discuss their continued participation, as I am looking for players that can commit to this way of playing.
_ I will not give more than two warnings to absentee players before kicking them out of the campaign, out of respect to all the other players that are participating regularly and form the bond of the group for this campaign’s format._

Now, we all have times where we have to log off for a few days. This is fine, as long as you use the public channel to let everyone know, then arrange to transfer your character in Discord to the DM before you leave so that the game is not stopped while we are waiting for you to chime-in while you are away.


You can find out the Tools of the trade we use for this campaign here.

How we play

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