Petty Crime

Locations: Town, city,village.

Characters can involve themselves in petty crimes, like stealing purses on a market place.

Those are handled with a simple sleight of hand roll, and one check can be made per mundane activity time spent in a busy location, like a market place or a busy tavern.

The character has advantage if he is an urchin, has the urchin background, or succeeds at a DC 20 Disguise check (see skills).
The character has disadvantage if he does not get advantage and is a foreigner at the location.

Any roll of 1 on any of those dice immediately brings Complications, as the crime is caught in the act or witnessed.

The haul is (cumulative results)
10+ 2d6 sp
15+ 1d4+INT Modifier gp
20+ Roll all dice twice (fat purse)

Alignment shift
One Alignment check toward either Evil is made for every 20+ result on any crime check, or for any inspiration point spent for those checks.

Petty Crime

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