Cambions are considered lvl 6 spell-casters for any signature spell of their cult, and can cast those spells 1/day in addition of the spells they have by default.
The Plane shift sell is not restricted to self, but can’t be used to banish unwilling target.

Fire Giants

Dancing flame (cantrip) – like dancing light, but each flame can be used to ignite something flammable, then the flame reappears the next round int he giant’s head.


Victims killed by a ghoul returns as a ghoul on the next night at midnight. If the victim has any class level, it returns as a ghast.


Have advantage to Acrobatic checks (proficiency)


In the Feywild, hags can sense the smallest piece of cold iron within 10 miles of their location, and know the direction and distance.


Have advantage to Survival when following a quarry’s trail. They can use half of their aggressive movement speed to increase their base speed when tracking enemies.


Pixie have a natural talent, which they can’t control. Their presence can create a crossing toward the feywild if they are not in the Feywild, provided they are in a thick forest and in the wilderness. Randomly each day, a pixie can make a d20 check. On a roll of 20, a crossing appears within 10 miles of their location. The destination in the feywild is generated randomly.

Shadow demons

Spread Shadows (Recharge 6) – Action: when moving from a dim lit area to a brightly lit area, a shadow demon can spend its action to create a new shadow demon within 30’, of it in the opposite direction from the bright light source. When doing so, the shadow demon loses its resistances until the start of its next turn.


All undeads’ Darkvision is enhanced with a “Sense life” ability with the same range as their darkvision. Sense life allows them to know the presence of life within range, even if they can’t see it, and being attracted to it if they so chose.


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