Masterwork Grade

To most people, masterwork items (usually identified with MW) are as much a symbol of wealth and social standing as silk clothes, a fur coat or fine jewelry openly worn.
They can be made by master craftsmen, or exceptional craft check of 20+.
Note that if an item require multiple crafting checks, it only is masterwork if all crafting checks have a result of 20+.

All masterwork items have the following benefits over regular items of the same type, if relevant:
- The masterwork item (not its wearer) has an AC increase of 20% (i.e AC12 instead of 10 – rounded up)
- The masterwork item always has maximum hit point for an item of its category.

In addition, the following applies to the specific items type below.

Masterwork grade armors weight 20% less than their regular counterpart, and costs 5 time as much.

Masterwork grade weapons really show their masterwork aspect on the quality of the blade and the hilt. They can’t be mistaken for regular weapons, even when in their scabbard, and costs 10 time as much.
On a critical hit, a masterwork weapon uses an extra damage dice, and ignore the lowest result rolled.

Masterwork grade ammo gain a 10% increase in range (rounded up to the closest 5’).
They can easily be mistaken for regular ammos, and are not sold in regular shops, as, until fired, it is hard to tell what they really are, and scams for this type of item are frequent, and not worth carrying them in-store.
As such, only those proficient with woodcarving tools (For bolts, and arrows) usually have this kind of ammo.

Other consumables
MW consumable items doing damage roll one extra dice for the damage and discard the lowest rolled result from the dice (Advantage to damage.)

Ingredient-based consumables
Make the consumable one category better (Regular → Greater → Superior → Supreme)

Masterwork Grade

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