Foraging checks

These rules cover foraging for berries or fishing. When foraging, a character can chose to try to find ingredients to craft things like potions of healing, poisons or antidotes (see Crafting)
Hunting is handled through separate rules.

A regular foraging activity requires at least one mundane activity and uses the Survival skill.

A forager can also make one specialized survival check (i.e. with disadvantage if not proficient) for each day of Travels, as part of the traveling process (as long as they can move 5’ faster than the speed of the group when gathering berries, or traveling on water when fishing).

The foraging checks of natural foragers (Wanderers or Natural Explorers) will always be at the minimum 10 plus their survival skill bonus, if the result of the survival check is lower than this value.

Any roll of 1 on the survival check will bring Complications, in the form of an extra encounter roll for the area, centered on the forager, at a distance equal to three time the regular encounter distance for the terrain from the rest of the group.

The foraging DC checks is DC10, with the following area modifiers.
Desolate (+ 5)
Scarce (+ 2)
Abundant (-2)
Bountiful (-5)

Tamed areas have an additional modifier.
town (within 5 miles) + 2
city (within 10 miles) + 5

Note that even if this is a skill check, the help action can not be used for foraging. Each character forages individually. Other conditions providing advantage or disadvantage may apply.

Finding ingredients

When foraging for berries, characters may instead find ingredients used for crafting potions of healing, poisons and antidotes.

- A common ingredient may be found with a check result 5 points above the base foraging DC for the area. They cost 25gp.
- An unusual ingredient may be found with a check result 10 points above the base foraging DC for the area. They cost 75gp.
- A rare ingredient may be found with a check result 15 points above the base foraging DC for the area. They cost 225gp.

If the survival check indicates that an ingredient may be found, the forager can chose to make a DC10 simple Nature check, using the herbalism kit proficiency, to recognize the ingredients, and will still get berries equal to their wisdom modifier as the harvest output regardless of the Nature check’s result.

With a successful nature check, the forager finds a number of ingredients equal to 1 plus one per X point above the DC (up to a maximum equal to 1 or the character’s wisdom bonus, whichever is highest).
X is equal to 5 for common ingredients, 10 for unusual ingredients and 20 for rare ingredients.

Harvest output

Hunting (a skill challenge), fishing (a survival check using fishing tackle) or gathering (a simple survival check when foraging for berries) brings different amounts
Gathering: 1d6+WIS lbs of berries (can find ingredients instead of berries – see below)
Hunting: 2d6+WIS lbs of meat (per extra success on the skill challenge)
Fishing: 2d6 lbs of fish

Note: Some locations or situations may provide advantage or disadvantage to the output of the forage. Advantage increases the take by 1d6, with disadvantage reduces it by 1d6.

See Food and water requirements for regular needs and how to handle shortage or absence of food and water.

Raw food spoiling
Fish spoil after 2 days, meat after 4 days and berries after 20 days.
Rations never spoil, and are made through Cooking from either fish or meat.

Avrae command


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