Finding a camp site

Finding a quick hiding place

If a character is proficient in survival, they can make a check to find a good hiding places around them at a glance. This check will always be made with disadvantage.
Any such hiding place found will be at a distance equal to the regular encounter range for the current terrain.

Finding a camp site

For each day of travel, a free roll to find a campground can be made, without any risk of encounter (a result of random encounter is ignored).
Beyond that, looking for a camp takes one hour (using the forced march rules if necessary), and at the risk of triggering a random encounter on a natural 1 roll (Complications).

A good camp location can be found by making a specialized survival check (those not trained in Survival have disadvantage to such a check).
The help action can not be used for this specific search, but multiple characters can look around for a campground, each making a check if they so chose. Any roll of 1 beyond the first roll for the day triggers an encounter and all character searching will be at 3 times the regular distances from each others.

Any result of 1 on any d20 used indicates a complication for that group, which means an extra random encounter check roll for that group (A result of “events” count as no encounter). This encounter will occur at a distance equal to three time the regular encounter distance for the current terrain from the remaining group(s).

The result will give the best location for the camp wherever the adventurers are according to the table below.

Camp site Result
30 | Perception +5, Hiding places +5, Sheltered spot, Full cover, 1d2^ easy approaches.
25 | Perception +5, Hiding places +2, Sheltered spot, Full cover, 1d3^ easy approaches.
20 | Perception +2, Hiding places, Sheltered spot, Partial cover, 1d4^ easy approaches.
15 | Perception +2, Hiding places, Partial cover, 1d6^ easy approaches.
10 | Hiding places, 1d8^ easy approaches.
9- |No hiding places, , 1d8^ easy approaches.

Terrain Modifier
Crags, Mountains, Ruins +5
Forest, Hills +2
Swamps -2
Plains, Desert -5

^ these modifiers, inverted, also apply to the easy approaches rolls

Party size modifiers
-1 for each square of space (5’ square) occupied by members of the party beyond 10

Visibility range
The visibility range from the center of the camp is determined by using the encounter distance based on the terrain type as per the table below, for each camp site found.
There are no physical hiding places within this visibility range.

Terrain (visibility range)
Arctic, desert, farmland, or grassland |(6d6 x 10 feet)
Forest, swamp, or woodland | (2d8 x 10 feet)
Hills or wastelands |(2d10 x 10 feet)
Jungle |(2d6 x 10 feet)
Mountains | (4d10 x 10 feet)

Avrae command

Finding a camp site

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