Levels of exhaustion are accrued based on certain difficult conditions, such as not taking a full rest each day, or taking a long rest while wearing heavy armor. Lack of food and water, forced marches, failing a camp constitution check, or diseases can also lead to accruing exhaustion.

Effects for each level (cumulative) (HOM)

1 – Disadvantage to all ability checks, can’t use fast pace.
2 – Disadvantage to all skill checks, Speed -5
3 – Disadvantage to all saves checks, Speed halved
If concentrating when gaining that level, automatically lose the concentration
4 – Disadvantage to all attack rolls, hit points halved
5 – Speed 5, grant advantage to all attacks
6 – Death

Recovery (RAW)

You recover from one level of exhaustion for each full long rest with proper food and water for the day.
Some spells, like Greater restoration, can help recover one level of exhaustion between long rest (multiple greater restoration cast will not cumulatively apply the same day).

Forced March and pushing beyond a regular day (HOM)

This campaign forced march rules is inspired from the “forced march” rules in the PHB p181.

Forced march checks

Forced March CON saving throws are made at the end of every hour that is not a long rest, and starts either after a day of activity (Main activity plus mundane, or four mundane activities), or after 8 hours of travel.
Note that in some planes other than the Prime, this rule may vary. For example, in the Shadowfell, forced march checks start after 3 mundane activities or one main activity, and a mundane activity represents around 2 hours there, while in a 24 hours day, a mundane activity represents around 4 hours.

If a character keeps pushing himself or herself over multiple hours, multiple levels of exhaustion can be accrued, as each failed check will add a new level of exhaustion.

Once these checks start, they stop only as soon as the character starts a long rest.
if the long rest is interrupted, and the character have made forced march check before the start of the long rest, a new check must be done as soon as the long rest is interrupted.
If the long rest is interrupted for more than one hour, all hours from the long rest are added to the DC before the check is made.

The starting DC for these constitution saving throws is calculated as follow, taking in account all activity since the end of the previous longrest.

Travels (rounded to the nearest)
+1 for each hour of travel walking
+0.75 for each hour of travel riding
+0.5 for each hour traveling being carried

Regular pace +2
Fast pace +5
Challenging travel conditions +2
Difficult travel conditions +5

Activities (other than traveling)
+6 for main activity ^
+2 for each mundane activity (other than traveling or resting/guarding/reading)^
+1 for each mundane activity spent simply resting, guarding or reading (with no fighting or any other activities).

Once forced march check start, each extra hour adds a +1 to the DC.

After a failed CON saving throw, the character gains one level of exhaustion, and the DC is halved (rounded up) and another +1 is added to this updated DC for each new hour of activity since that failed check.

At the end of a successful longrest, the DC returns to 0.


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