Deadsnows to Everlund

The river trip takes 10 days from Deadsnows to Everlund, and is entirely controlled by the halflings of the Icespear family.


Two trading posts are set up in the middle of lakes, and manned by the halflings and hired mercenaries.

The cost of the trip one-way is 30gp for passenger. It does include food for every day of the trip.
The cost for transported ware is 1sp per lbs.

Barges going downriver are platforms manipulated with oars (STR check) until the Jalanthar trading post, where long boats are used.

To go upriver between the two trading posts, the barges’ wood and planks are re-used to complete a longboat that get disassembled again once at the Deadsnows trading post.

There is very little transportation of merchandise upriver, and passenger are required to do one mundane activity of rowing every day when going upriver.

Halflings crew of 6 are taking 3 shifts per day, traveling for 18 hours and anchoring for 6 hours each night.
Usually a few experts are accompanying the barges in canoes to help crews in difficulty on any of the barges.

Speed downriver 1.5 miles/hour , going upriver take 1 mile/ hour

First day from Deadsnows
Departure mid afternoon from trading post
(canoes pick up passengers at dawn at Deadsnows)

second day
Rough Waters, Moderately difficult DEX check
- Moderately difficult STR check to steer properly in case of failure

third day
Calm water, passing under Fork Road dwarven bridge, passing Newfort, entering Rauvin river.
Very easy check

4th day
Strong currents
passing under Turnstone Pass Bridge, joining Redrun river
Easy check

5th day
very easy check
passing Sundabar (no stop anymore)

6th day
rough waters before the fall (Moderately difficult check)
reaching trading post in the middle of the falls.

Night in the trading post.
Halflings work all night to drop wares to the lower trading post, where larger river boats are gathered.
Crew from barges going back use the canoes to go back up
Barges built at the trading post are demolished, and the wood used to build a longship for the return trip to Seadsnows. The extra wood is sent to Everlund for trading.

7th day
Pass by Jalanthar mid-morning (no more stop since the fire giant attack)
Very easy
Speed is now 2.5miles per hour

8th day
Very easy


9th day
very easy
Arrival in Everlund by end of day.

Deadsnows to Everlund

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