5th Age Campaigns' home rules

Home rules for the 5th Age Forgotten Realms Campaigns

“For many contemporary scholars, we may be living through the end of the 4th Age of Toril. The events of the past centuries have been cataclysmic, but if anything, History tells that changes of Ages have always been troubled times.

It is known that the past years have created the direst conditions for the survival of the nations and kingdoms of the 4th Age, and to top it off, the Gods have slowly but steadily fallen not silent but quiet in the last decade, still granting their power to their faithful, but far removed from their direct interactions with the land or their Chosen from the past century. Divination and Commune spells rarely grant any obvious clues anymore, and the faithful scramble to try to interpret the few subtle signs they can scrap from this kind of magic

For many across the land, there won’t even be a 5th Age."

Find in these pages the rules that supersedes RAW of D&D 5th edition for the 5th Age Forgotten Realms campaign.


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